Uniform Pension Statement

Explanation (Basic pension scheme)

Why do I need a Uniform Pension Statement?

The Uniform Pension Statement (UPS) explains what you are entitled to upon retirement or if you become disabled. This statement also tells you what your partner and any children you may have will receive in the event of your death. We set out your pension status every year on your own ‘My PDN Pension‘ page on our website. This provides you with a quick and easy reference for your present and future pension situation. This statement shows you your status as of January 1, 2024.

Please note: Due to changes in legislation and regulations, we are obliged to send separate UPSs if you already receive a full or partial benefit or if you are a member of several schemes. It can, therefore, be the case that you receive multiple UPSs at different times.

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Pension statements must be easily comparable. That is why insurers and pension funds have developed the Uniform Pension Statement. All pension funds and insurers use this pension statement. If you have pension schemes with more than one pension fund or insurer, the UPS provides a simple means of adding up the amounts on each of your own pension statements. And, of course, those of your partner as well. 

The benefits listed on the pension statement are gross amounts per year. This means that you will still owe contributions and taxes on these amounts. The amount of those contributions and taxes will depend on your personal circumstances. 

Although the pension statement states 'as long as you live', all specified pension amounts may be subject to increases or decreases. This could happen if pensions need to be cut in the future due to the fund's financial situation. It is also possible that the expected pension may be lower as a result of legal requirements and/or changes in the regulations. 
Another possibility is that the pension fund can increase the benefit if our financial position allows for this. This is known as 'indexation.'

We recommend that you save this pension statement together with all the pension statements you receive from any other pension administrators, so you always have a clear overview of your pension. Your pension entitlements with all your pension administrators can be found at mijnpensioenoverzicht.nl.

What if the economic situation is positive or negative?

The estimate of your pension at Pensioenfonds PDN on your UPS also shows you the effects of any future economic growth or downturns.
The estimate also takes into account a possible increase in prices, so that it reflects the purchasing power of your pension.

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You will not see this estimate on the UPS that will be sent to you if you receive a benefit from Pensioenfonds PDN. You can see those estimates on mijnpensioenoverzicht.nl.

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