Do you receive partner's pension from PDN?

How secure is your pension?

PDN has drawn up a revised recovery plan and submitted it to DNB. In the recovery plan, PDN demonstrated that, based on the financial situation at the end of 2020, there are sufficient recovery assets to grow within the recovery plan period chosen by PDN of ten years up to the required funding level without curtailment or any other measures having to be taken.

Increased pension
Life is getting more expensive. You can expect to buy less with a hundred euros in a few years' time than you do now. This means that the purchasing power of pensions reduces if they are not adjusted. PDN aims to maintain the purchasing power of your pension as much as possible. Indexation is the increase of your pension to reflect inflation. This will allow your pension to retain its value into the future.

Members’ ongoing pension accrual will be determined based the new pensionable salary and the part-time percentage. In this way, both the individual and the general salary increases are automatically included in the new annual accrual. PDN's pension scheme aims to increase the accrued pension by the same percentage as the prices. The question of whether indexation is possible depends in part on the fund's financial situation and statutory regulations.