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No new developments regarding the pension agreement Published: 08-11-2019 In the October edition of the PDN Magazine, PDN chair Edith Schippers explains why a new pension agreement (pensioenakkoord) was agreed in June 2019.

The pension agreement specifies the outlines of the future of pensions in the Netherlands. The details of the agreement will be further established by a steering committee comprised of experts from the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs, employers, labor unions, regulators, and pension federations. Naturally, PDN keeps a close eye on developments concerning the process of drawing up the agreement, as this can impact every PDN member.

Currently, there are no new developments concerning the further process of drawing up the pension agreement. The only developments we currently know of were previously known, such as the agreements regarding the increase to the state retirement age. For more information on this topic, please read the news article from July 18.

For additional information on the pension agreement and how PDN's Board is preparing based on the ongoing process, please see the October edition of the PDN Magazine.
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