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Pension agreement – new state pension ages Published: 18-07-2019 In the pension agreement, it was agreed that the state pension age will not increase as quickly as previously stated.

Following the vote in the Tweede Kamer (Dutch Second Chamber), the Eerste Kamer (Dutch Upper House) voted on July 2. On July 5, the pension agreement was published in the Staatsblad (Bulletin of Acts and Decrees). With this, the provisions of the pension agreement entered into force.

What will happen to the state pension age?

The state pension age is the date on which you receive your state pension from the government. The state pension age will therefore increase at a slower pace than previously thought. Until 2022, the state pension age will remain age 66 and four months. Afterwards, between 2022 and 2024, the state pension age will gradually increase to age 67. After 2024, the state pension age will continue to increase but at a slower pace than currently applies.

How will that affect your state pension?

If you were born before or on December 31, 1957:
Check the table below to see what your state pension age will be, based on the 2019 pension agreement. You will receive state pension (AOW) from the day you reach state pension (AOW) age.

Born in period:

Your state pension age is:

01-01-1953 to 08-31-1953  

66 years and 4 months

this is in 2019

09-01-1953 to 08-31-1954

66 years and 4 months

this is in 2020

09-01-1954 to 08-31-1955

66 years and 4 months

this is in 2021

09-01-1955 to 05-31-1956

66 years and 7 months

this is in 2022

06-01-1956 to 02-28-1957

66 years and 10 months

this is in 2023

03-01-1957 to 12-31-1957

67 years

this is in 2024

If you were born after December 31, 1957,
Then the exact state pension age applicable to you is not yet known, because this depends on your life expectancy. Your state pension age will however be at least 67 years. Your final state pension age is determined five years before you reach state pension age. More information about the state pension age is given at:

What does this mean for my expected pension payment from PDN?

If you are currently receiving a temporary pension payment1) that ends on your previously specified state pension age, then we will contact you, by phone or in writing, if your payment will end at an earlier time as a result of the new state pension age.

If you will receive a temporary pension payment in the near future, then we will take it into account so that your payment ends on your new state pension age. 

1) Examples of temporary pension payments include a PPS benefit, a disability pension, or a temporary partner pension. Retirement pensions also count as a good example of a temporary pension payment if you chose to receive a higher payment until your state pension age, followed by a permanently lower payment from then on.

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