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Goodbye and welcome on the Accountability Council Published: 02-04-2021

Albert Noteborn.jpg (28 KB)Recently Martin Aertsen announced his departure from the Accountability Council (VO) due to health issues.
The Board, Supervisory Board, and Accountability Council members are saddened by this decision and would like to thank Martin for his many years of dedication to the Accountability Council, especially as Chairman.

Martin Aertsen will be succeeded by Albert Noteborn (photo). From April 1, 2021, Mr. Noteborn will be appointed as the new representative of the Accountability Council on behalf of the Pensioners.

According to the statutes, the next elected candidate from the last election will hold the vacant position in the Accountability Council. Albert Noteborn is the 5th ranking candidate chosen during the election for and by PDN's pensioners.  Mr. Noteborn gladly accepts his candidacy and rank.