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Check your pension Published: 11-03-2021

Why it’s good to do this now

The pension planner has been updated with the new 2021 figures. The figures already include the lower accrual in 2021. This means you don’t need to wait for your annual statement (UPS) to see the effect that lower pension accrual will have on your pension.

Check your pension:
1. Go to the pension planner in 'My PDN Pension'. 
2. Work out your income.
3. Go to the Nibud 'Pensioenschijf-van-vijf calculation tool' and work out your outgoings.
4. You’ll now know whether your pension is healthy enough for you to do what you want.

Click here to go straight to your own 'My PDN Pension'.

Click here to go straight to the 'Pensioenschijf-van-vijf calculation tool'.

If you would like more detailed instructions, then please start your Pension journey.