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A new Pension Agreement for 2021-2022 Published: 15-12-2020

Employees will accrue less pension

EN_Foto bij pensioenovereenkomst.png (225 KB)There will be changes to your pension scheme at PDN as of January 1, 2021. One important change is that employees will accrue less pension from 2021 onwards. This is because DSM has agreed with the labor unions that the money put aside for your pension each month will remain the same. As pension has become more expensive due to the further fall in interest rates, this means you will accrue less pension as an employee. Instead of 1.738% over the past few years, you will accrue 1.4% retirement pension for 2021 and 2022. If you have a salary of 50,000 euro gross, the pension you accrue per month will be about 10 euros lower. For a salary of 80,000 it will be about 18 euros lower per month.

As a pensioner, the new pension agreement doesn't change anything for you – pension benefits remain unchanged in the new agreement.

Voluntary additional pension savings for employees

To give you the option to supplement your pension yourself, you can voluntarily deposit extra money into your pension from 2021. This arrangement will be further developed by your employer in 2021, and more information will follow. As it stands, you can voluntarily purchase extra pension by the end of 2021 from your gross salary.

A 2-year agreement

The government is currently working on a new national pension system. DSM and the labor unions would like to move to the new system as soon as possible (preferably as early as 2023). However, before that happens, many more decisions will have to be taken by the government and associated DSM, labor unions and PDN. Over the coming period, PDN will keep you regularly informed of further developments via our communication channels.

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