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Changes to PDN's Board: Piet Rennen and Wim Reinartz Published: 23-12-2020

Rennen Piet.jpg (210 KB)On December 7, 2020, Piet Rennen retired as the PDN Board member representing the employees.
He was a Board member for nine years, which represents an impressive record. Piet was mainly active on PDN's investment committee.

In the most recent elections, Piet was chosen for the position of candidate board member to represent pensioners. In light of this, the PDN Board appointed him as prospective Board member on 16 December. In this way, Piet can remain closely involved in the developments at the pension fund during his intended formal return.

Reinartz Wim_cropped.jpg (342 KB)
On December 7, 2020, Wim Reinartz was appointed as the PDN Board member representing the employees. As such, he is succeeding Piet Rennen.
Wim is an employment & reintegration specialist at DSM and was nominated by the Central Works Council.

Within the Board, Wim's focus area will be information technology. Additionally, he is a member of the Pensions and Communications Committee.

On behalf of the employees, we would like to thank Piet for his contribution and commitment to our pension fund, and wish Wim every success.