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A farewell and a new face on the Accountability Council Published: 26-11-2020

Henk Bosch left the Accountability Council (AC) on November 1. He had been a member of the AC since July 1, 2015 and was later also Vice Chairman.

Lemon Laurine.jpeg (26 KB)But as we bid farewell to one member, we will be welcoming a new one: Laurine Lemon. She is taking over from Henk and since November 1 has been a member of the AC representing the employer, DSM Nederland, and Vice Chairman.

Laurine has worked for DSM as the Director of Accounting Policies and IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) since 2016, and previously held various financial positions in the international business world. With her broad financial and management background, she hopes to make a valuable contribution to the AC, particularly in view of the imminent introduction of the new Dutch pension system.