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You have mail! Published: 01-10-2020

Vrouw achter computer.jpg (391 KB)We have sent out the pension statements – the UPSs. You’ll find your digital UPS in your inbox in the “My PDN Pension environment”. If you have opted for physical mail, you will also soon receive your UPS in your mailbox.

Starting this year, your UPS will provide an estimate of the effects of any future economic growth or downturns on your pension with PDN.

You will see three amounts: the expected end result, the amount in the event of economic growth, and the amount in the event of an economic downturn. Starting this year, you will also receive separate UPSs if you already receive a full or partial benefit or if you are a member of different schemes.

You might therefore receive multiple UPSs at different times.

Please click on the “UPS” tile on our website for more information about the UPS.