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Passing of Atzo Nicolaï, Former Chairman of the Board of PDN Published: 25-08-2020
Atzo Nicolai.jpg (26 KB) On Wednesday August 19, former Board member and chairman Atzo Nicolaï passed away at a very young age following a brief illness. Atzo was a Board member of PDN from 2013 to 2019 and served as the chairman for five of these years. During his membership of the Board and in his role as chairman, he played a major role in balancing all interests for all members. Under his chairmanship, PDN also recruited two external expert Board members. Atzo was a very passionate and versatile Board member and chairman who brought his own, unique input to the role.

“The Board of Pensioenfonds DSM Nederland is very grateful to Atzo for everything he did for the fund and the administrator DSM Pension Services,” says Edith Schippers.

Edith Schippers Gerard Rutten
Chairman of Pensioenfonds DSM Nederland Vice President of DSM Pension Services