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Why will I receive my UPS later this year? Published: 17-06-2020

PDN sends you a Uniform Pension Statement (UPS) every year, usually in May or June. However, due to changes in legislation and regulations, we have to adapt the UPSs. This will take a bit more time. That’s why you will receive this year’s UPS a little later than you are used to.

Starting this year, the UPSs must show our estimate of what will happen to your pension in the event of above-average or below-average economic performance for an extended period of time. You will therefore soon see amounts on your UPS that are an estimate of your pension with PDN if there are windfalls or setbacks in the future. It’s quite a challenge to change the UPS in this way.

As of this year, we will also have to send separate UPSs if you already receive a full or partial benefit or if you are a member of different schemes.

Anyone who is already receiving a benefit from PDN will receive that UPS end of August or early September. We are aiming to send the rest of the UPSs in the month September. So it is quite possible that you will receive multiple UPSs at different times. Fortunately, we will soon be able to amend the pension planner, so that you will be able to see the status of your pension with PDN.

If you visit, you can see what your pension looks like now and the shape it will take in the future. You can also view an estimate of what will happen to your overall pension if the economy performs better or worse in the future. This estimate is therefore based on all your pensions combined, including pensions at any other pension funds and your state pension (AOW).