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The first step towards a new pension has been taken Published: 10-07-2024
Draft transition plan produced

The social partners from dsm-firmenich produced the draft transition plan on 5 July 2024. This plan includes the agreements that the employer and the trade unions made regarding the new pension. The aim is that this pension will start on 1 January 2026. The plan also indicates how the former pension will merge into the new pension and that certain groups of employers should be compensated. The aim is to keep the expected pension after the transition to the new pension scheme as similar as possible to the expected pension before the transition.

The dsm-firmenich social partners will now send this draft transition plan to various interested parties:
  • All Pensioenfonds PDN affiliated companies;
  • The DSM Pensioners' Association (VDP). This association of pensioners is authorised to represent the pensioners; and
  • Pensioenfonds PDN
Stakeholder consultation and pensioners’ right to be heard

The dsm-firmenich trade unions and all affiliated companies will consult their stakeholders (employers and trade union members) regarding the draft transition plan. 
VDP will use the draft transition plan to assert its legal right to be heard regarding this plan.
Pensioenfonds PDN has no role in the production of the transition plan and is only now being informed about the draft transition plan.

Next step

The second step towards a new pension will follow once the stakeholders have been consulted and the VDP has been heard. dsm-firmenich and all affiliated companies will then produce a final transition plan. Pensioenfonds PDN will publish the final transition plan on its website.

Of course, we will keep everyone informed of developments.
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