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An adapted name and logo for the pension fund! Published: 14-05-2024

Pensioenfonds PDN administers the pension scheme not only for dsm-firmenich but also for other employers who are or were part of dsm-firmenich or DSM. Think of companies such as Covestro, Envalior, Sitech, Fibrant and Avient and about ten others. To make it clear that we administer the pensions for all our affiliated employers and their employees, we have changed the trade name of the fund to 'Pensioenfonds PDN' partly after consultation with dsm-firmenich. As a result, 'PDN' no longer stands for an abbreviation.

An adapted name also comes with an updated logo:

PDN_LOGO_AANGEPAST_20240506.jpg (46 KB)


We use May and June to change the name and logo in our communication to all members. The contact details will not change.

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