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Employee candidates for PDN’s Accountability Council wanted! Published: 30-08-2023

Word lid van het VO PDN_EN.jpg (49 KB)We are still looking for candidates for PDN’s Accountability Council (AC). In previous letters and updates you have read about the upcoming elections for the AC. However, we did not receive enough candidacy submissions to be able to proceed with the elections. We have therefore decided to extend the deadline: you now have until 29 September 2023 to put yourself forward to be an employee representative on the AC.

Elections will soon be held for six seats on PDN’s Accountability Council as the terms of the incumbent representatives will end on 30 June 2024. There are vacancies for two employee representatives and four pensioner representatives. Candidates representing retirees who receive a PDN pension have been announced and elections will be held soon.

The AC is still looking for candidates from among employees who are still accruing a PDN pension. Are you interested in pensions and do you want to help make sure everyone gets a good pension? Then put yourself forward! This is especially important given the imminent changes to our pension system.

Click here to put yourself forward to be an employee representative on the AC.

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For more information about the AC, click here.
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