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PDN increases pensions once again Published: 29-12-2022

We are happy to announce that all members’ pensions will be increased from January 1, 2023. Former employees’ payable pensions and accrued pensions will increase by 10.02%. Employees’ accrued pensions will increase by 3.11%.

Well-balanced decision
This decision is based on the positive development of the fund’s financial position and the new possibilities offered by legislation.

PDN’s Board has a duty to carefully consider the interests of all members and weigh them up carefully in its decision-making. In reaching its decision, PDN has also looked ahead to the future. In the current turbulent times and in view of the challenges ahead, the fund must ensure that it remains financially sound in the long term.

When will I know what this means for me?
All of our members will receive a personal message in January providing a more detailed explanation of the increase.

Further information
Click here for a more detailed explanation of this increase or read the brochure Indexation.