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Board Changes Published: 15-09-2022

Piet Molenaar was appointed as PDN Board member representing the employer on September 1, 2022. He succeeds Marlies van Boom who had indicated that she could not serve a second term. Piet will assume the position of Operational Director of Investments. He is Chairman of the Investment Committee and, in the Board, is primarily responsible for all investment aspects. Piet has extensive experience as Board and supervisory authority member within the pension sector and has held various financial positions in the financial sector.

The Board would like to thank Marlies van Boom for her huge commitment to PDN and the refinements she has introduced in the investment policy in recent years. 

The appointment of Piet Molenaar also resulted in the fund implementing and formalizing a different working method as of September 1, 2022, which was announced last spring. In the new working method, two PDN Board members are charged with tasks that focus on process control at the fund and the implementation of decisions, including those relating to policy, made by Board. This new working method will result in a more efficient use of Board members’ time, ensuring that the Board is better prepared for the future. Board members Eiko de Vries and Piet Molenaar have been appointed to these new Operational Board member positions by the Board, following Supervisory Board and DNB approval. Both are available for three days a week to carry out the above-mentioned activities for the fund.

PDN would like to wish Eiko de Vries and Piet Molenaar every success in their new roles.

The Board’s new working method also requires changes to the remuneration structure. The Board amended the remuneration policy accordingly after receiving recommendations from the Accountability Council, as well as the approval of the Supervisory Board. Most importantly, it has now been explicitly stated in writing, which has always been normal practice at the fund, that for all fund body members and advisers, remuneration must not exceed the ceiling set in the Wet Normering Topinkomen (Standards for Remuneration Act). The updated version of the remuneration policy can be found on the website (see Downloads).

Changes to the Accountability Council

Harry Govers ended his membership of the Accountability Council in mid-June.

Harry was elected on behalf of the fund pensioners and has served on the Accountability Council since mid-2016. The Accountability Council would like to thank Harry for his contribution during his time as Accountability Council member.

Harry will be succeeded by Meindert Dijkstra.  According to the statutes, the next elected candidate from the last election will hold the vacant position in the Accountability Council. Meindert is the 6th ranking candidate chosen during the election for and by PDN’s pensioners. Following the Accountability Council’s nomination, the Board appointed Meindert Dijkstra as Accountability Council member on behalf of the pensioners. His appointment took effect from September 1, 2022.

PDN wishes Meindert every success in his new role.

Changed composition of the Supervisory Board

Cor van der Sluis and Marlies van Loon were appointed respectively as Chair and Member of the PDN Supervisory Board on July 15, 2022. They succeed Margreet Teunissen and Mila Hoekstra who resigned on July 13, 2022, in connection with the market exploration started by PDN and the roles both fulfil at a general pension fund.

Following the Accountability Council’s binding nomination, the Board appointed Cor van der Sluis as Chairman of the Supervisory Board. Cor is an experienced Chair and supervisory authority member within the pension sector. He has extensive experience with complex change processes in which he was involved as a supervisory authority member. Cor has in-depth knowledge and experience of pensions, relevant legislation and regulations, outsourcing, and IT.

Marlies van Loon was appointed as Member of the PDN Supervisory Board. She is an experienced supervisory authority member and Board member, and facilitator of tender and transition processes for pension funds. Marlies has in-depth knowledge and experience of governance, communications, pension regulations, and outsourcing.

Together with incumbent member Rajesh Grobbe, who focuses mainly on the fund’s financial and risk management issues, PDN has a complementary and diverse Supervisory Board to assess PDN developments and act as sounding board for the Board and Accountability Council.

The Board would like to thank Margreet and Mila for their commitment to the Pension Fund and wishes Cor and Marlies every success in their new roles.