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Change to Fund's Board Published: 01-04-2022

In a previous news item on our website, the Board said that it was going to change the way it works. Two of PDN’s Board members will be charged with tasks that focus on process control at the fund and the implementation of decisions made by the Board, including those related to policy. These members will be given the title of 'operational Board member'. The new working method should lead to a more efficient use of time by Board members, so that the Board is better prepared for the future.

De Vries, Eiko-small.jpg (1.34 MB)Eiko de Vries will be the first operational Board member. He has been an external Board member since April 2018, as nominated by the Central Works Council of DSM Nederland. He will continue to be the chairman of the Pensions and Communication Committee, with a specific focus on the implementation of the Wet Toekomst Pensioen (Future of Pension Act). In addition, he will lead the working group that coordinates the activities surrounding PDN’s assessment of future scenarios. We will notify you as soon as we know who will be the second operational Board member. The recently uploaded podcast by Edith Schippers (only in Dutch) provides more detailed information on the change to the Board’s working method.