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News from the Board: More Efficient Working Methods and an Exploration of the Future Published: 14-03-2022

There will be some changes to the way the Board works. Two PDN Board members will be charged with tasks that focus on process control at the fund and the implementation of decisions, including those related to policy, that the Board makes (Operational Board). The new working method is scheduled to start in April.

PDN monitors developments both inside and outside DSM. DSM finds itself in the middle of a transformation process towards becoming a Health, Nutrition, and Bioscience company. As a result, the number of employees in the Netherlands is steadily declining. DSM still has its own company pension fund, but fewer and fewer members are employed by DSM itself. The world outside the fund is also changing. The new pension system offers new opportunities, but also risks and dilemmas.

PDN’s Board has decided not to wait but instead to investigate how this could affect us. What are the options for the future, both for the fund and for the implementing organization DPS? What should we do when in order to maximize our opportunities and minimize our risks? What information do we already have at our disposal and what information do we need to actively acquire? This means we will also explore the possibilities externally and gather information. In doing so, our top priority will always be to safeguard members’ interests. Governance is about looking ahead, and we see it as our responsibility to carry out this exploration in a timely manner. This will enable us to make a considered decision, whatever the outcome, and to take any steps in a timely and careful manner.
We will keep you informed!