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Simplicity is key - also in ‘My PDN Pension’ Published: 29-12-2021

Many of you already know how to find ‘My PDN Pension’ on our website. And, of course, we’re delighted with this. But can we make our portal more user friendly? The member survey1 conducted previously by PDN showed that you as a participant are looking for more insight and clarity. And this as easily as possible. As pension fund we’re always looking for how we can improve things and this time especially for ‘My PDN Pension’.

What can you already notice in ‘My PDN Pension’?

You can select your means of communication and language of communication in ‘My PDN Pension’. We send out communications about legislation and regulations every year, such as the Uniform Pension Statement. And we must and want to keep doing this. Other ‘extra’ communication such as the PDN Magazine is not obliged by law. In the revamped portal you can decide yourself what you want to receive. You can find a list of these ‘extra’ communications under ‘My Data’. Complete the list and click on ‘Enter’. Under ‘My Data’ you can now also indicate in which language you’d like to communicate with us, Dutch or English.

My PDN Pension.JPG (14 KB)If anything is unclear about the portal or the changes, you can now also use the ‘Contact’ tab in the portal to complete a contact form to ask your questions. For your convenience, data already known to us will already be entered on the form, including your name and administration number. You can also use the form to ask other questions. This is in addition to the existing options to call or e-mail the Pension Desk directly.

What can you already notice in the Planner?

We all sometimes think about retiring early. This does mean, however, that you need to make certain choices in advance. For example, you can vary the amount of your retirement pension. If you do not yet receive a state pension when you retire, or if you still have financial obligations (e.g. a mortgage), you can opt for a ‘high/low payment’. In such cases, the period of the payment is split into two, as it were. The payment in the first period is higher than the payment in the second. We have now configured the pension planner so that if you first opt for early retirement and you then open ‘high/low’, you will receive the same net benefit before and after your state pension age (AOW). You then only need to click on ‘Calculate’. From experience we know that this is often your desired situation. This does make things easy, but the choice is yours.

Many members have also accrued pension with another fund. Perhaps you have too? You can enter this pension when you use the pension planner so you have an overview of your total pension. Until recently you needed to enter this each session. But from now on you can opt to save the information about your ‘Pension elsewhere’. You can do this by clicking ‘Save my pension elsewhere’ at the bottom of the page after entering the pension amounts. When you log in next time, your ‘Pension elsewhere’ will also be visible. You can decide to delete, change or supplement the data you entered at any time.

What else is on the way?

We’re continuing to make improvements and are working hard on additional features to make your life easier. But sometimes we need to be patient. What else is on your wish list for 2022?

For example, it’s much easier and faster to upload certain documents in the portal yourself. Then you don’t need to send everything to us via post or e-mail for further processing. We would like to offer you the option to upload documents such as a cohabitation contract yourself, but this will take more time to arrange.

This will eventually include easy digital signing of forms or application forms via DigiD. The forms will be pre-filled with data already known to us. You’ll be able to edit this form yourself and enter any missing information. After that you’ll be able to sign it easily using DigiD. If necessary, your partner will also be able to co-sign this using DigiD. The form will then be forwarded to our Pensions Department for further processing.

As soon as any new options are available, we’ll let you know. We hope that the changes will make it easier to use ‘My PDN Pension’. We’d be delighted to hear of your experiences; perhaps you have some ideas yourselves? Be sure to check out the article ‘What are your needs?’ in our December newsletter. Or let us know via the new contact form.

1More information about the results of the member survey can be found in the latest PDN Magazine (issue 8) or on the PDN website.