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Prepare yourself for the new pension system Published: 02-09-2022

In the coming years, the Dutch government will implement a number of changes in the pension system. So, there will be new rules that will also apply for the pension with PDN. The social partners have to take a number of important decisions in this respect.

And you can express your preference!

Take part in the participant survey
We think it is important that you as an employee and member of Pension Fund DSM Netherlands (PDN) can express your preference about some of the basic characteristics of the pension plan. This is why PDN, in cooperation with the employer and trade unions, is conducting a survey in September 2022. You will receive an invitation by email from Motivaction on September 13th. It is an online survey that is sent to PDN participants for whom an e-mail address is known.

Is your e-mail address not known to PDN and do you want to participate in this type of surveys in the future? Then provide PDN with your e-mail address via My PDN Pension.

Why a new pension system?
We are getting older on average in the Netherlands. And healthy ageing, that's something we as a food and health company like to contribute to. But this higher life expectancy, combined with changing economic and demographic circumstances, also means that the current pension system has a number of vulnerabilities. To ensure a good pension for everyone, the government will make a number of changes.

This video (subtitled) from the Dutch government explains in three minutes why a new pension system is necessary.

Stay involved in your pension
Make sure you're well informed about all the changes. That goes for everyone - if you're retired, retiring in a few years, but also if you're at the beginning or middle of your career.
Click here for all the information we have put together for your convenience.

Your opinion counts!
Do you have confidence in the new pension system?